Property investors choosing favourite agent

Votes are flooding in for real estate agents across the country, with property investors keen to highlight the professionals who have helped them most in the Investors Choice Awards.

The awards, partnered by, are a new, unique initiative that will allow new and seasoned investors to vote for their most trusted property professionals. In less than four weeks, more than 500 property businesses have already secured nominations from investors. Every category has received votes, with investors from every state having their say.

REB publisher Jim Hall said happy customers are always willing to share their experiences. He encouraged agents to use this as an opportunity to contact their clients and get some feedback and engagement.

“It’s great to see so many agents across the different states being recognised for changing the lives of their clients,” Mr Hall said.

“Motivated and successful investors are willing to share their experiences and recommend the businesses that have helped them achieve the best results from their portfolio.

“At a time when regulators and politicians are turning up the heat on investors and the property market, an Investors Choice Award will empower agents to stand out from the crowd and build their business on the back of referrals and recommendations.”

Marketing collateral for agents to send to their database is available here. general manager Rhett Dallwitz said endorsements by real-life investors who have experienced the ups and downs of property investment will carry significant weight, making an Investors Choice Award a valuable marketing tool.

“In today’s reputation economy, the recommendations of investors are vital,” Mr Dallwitz said. “Industry awards are good at rewarding excellence from peers, but it is far more important to be recognised by actual investors.

"The reputation of the investment and advice sector has been damaged over recent years and so to find out what investors actually think and who they trust is vital.”

Awards will be issued across all categories on a state-by-state basis, highlighting the localised nature of property investment and the individual services provided in different markets across Australia.

The voting process will run until 31 July and is open to investors who have used a professional to support the purchase of a property (whether an investment property or owner-occupied).

It is possible to vote across multiple categories as well as for multiple companies.

As well as supporting their preferred property professional or organisation, participants have the opportunity to go into the draw to win an Apple Watch or Samsung Gear S.

For more information about the Investors Choice Awards, click here.


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