Friday Funnies: Skyscrapers are body conscious, too

Once upon a time, buildings were meant to look like buildings. Now they’re meant to look like Marilyn Monroe, Beyoncé or … whoever.

Melbourne has recently been agog with talk of a new CBD tower that will be built to a stunning undulating design (see below), and which has been compared to Beyoncé’s Ghost video clip.

The dancers in this video do two strange things. First, they wear body socks. Second, they writhe extravagantly. This has made some people draw comparisons with the Spencer Street development.

However, while Melbourne residents look forward to their Beyoncé building, Canadians already have an award-winning set of Marilyn Monroe twin towers.

Absolute World in Toronto received the Emporis Skyscraper Award in 2012 for its unusual curved design, with judges praising the “superb technical achievement”.

It is possible that next year’s winner will be a building that resembles Kim Kardashian’s bottom or Angelina Jolie’s lips.

 (Photos: Elenberg Fraser)

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