Mobile agent network targets new markets

A fast-growing real estate network that charges a monthly fee of $275 has revealed it is about to expand into another two states.

Gold Coast-based @Realty, which has 113 agents in Queensland and NSW, plans to expand into Victoria next month, according to director James Taylor.

The company, which started trading in February 2014, will then move into South Australia, he said.

Mr Taylor told REB that @Realty is a branded group rather than a franchise, with agents operating under the company licence.

“If you're fully licensed and you hold an ABN, then we provide you with 93 percent of the commission split,” he said.

“If you're not fully licensed and only hold a sales certificate, you're classified as an employee and we provide you with 85 per cent of the commission split.”

Agents operate without shopfronts or exclusive territories and use a cloud-based system to control their contacts and listings, according to Mr Taylor.

The company charges a monthly fee of $275, which includes insurance and trust account management.

Mr Taylor said agents are free to take their contacts with them if they leave @Realty.

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