Sales stats range from 15.3% growth to 30.4% decline

Property sales have surged in Melbourne and Brisbane but gone backwards in Sydney and Perth, new statistics have revealed.

Melbourne experienced the biggest growth in property sales during the 2014-15 financial year, according to Onthehouse Data.

House sales jumped 15.3 per cent to 51,231, while unit sales rose 8.0 per cent to 37,993.

Adelaide house sales climbed 5.5 per cent to 19.678, while unit sales climbed 12.5 per cent to 5,429.

Brisbane was the only other capital to experience gains in both sectors, with houses up 4.4 per cent to 39,722 and units up 16.9 per cent to 18,871.

Hobart experienced a 5.6 per cent increase in house sales to 2,120 alongside a 4.3 per cent decrease in unit sales to 647.

ACT house sales rose 3.0 per cent to 4,805, while unit sales fell 10.6 per cent to 3,150.

Sydney, Perth and Darwin went backwards in both sectors.

The smallest fall occurred in Sydney, where house sales were down 0.7 per cent to 47,480 and unit sales were down 2.9 per cent to 44,818.

Perth house sales declined 8.5 per cent to 26,975, while unit sales declined 10.4 per cent to 11,774.

Darwin experienced big declines, with houses falling 9.4 per cent to 1,312 and units falling 30.4 per cent to 594.

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