Friday Funnies: Middle East does real estate on steroids

Dubai has announced plans to build the world’s tallest residential tower in a development that will also include a ski slope and other unnecessary features.

A property developer called Meydan has designed an expansive development project (see photo below), which will include a 711-metre tower with 885 apartments.

Because this is Dubai, the development will also include the world’s longest indoor ski slope (1.2 kilometres), the world’s longest dancing fountains (420 metres), the world’s highest 360-degree observation deck (655 metres) and the world’s highest restaurant (675 metres).

Space has also been made for a 300-metre beach, a 100-berth marina, an 8,000-seat arena and a 350-room hotel.

There will also be a conference centre, shopping centre and civic plaza.

Naturally, the whole thing will be built under a retractable roof, which can be opened on sub-50-degree days.

The project has an estimated cost of 25 billion dirhams ($9.3 billion).

(Photo: Meydan City Corporation)

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