Friday Funnies: Agent takes nuclear option

This five-bedroom house is the perfect place to raise a family, host a barbecue… and patiently sit out a nuclear war.

An American agent is surprisingly modest about the unusual house he’s trying to sell in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“One-of-a-kind ranch with five bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and almost 3,000 square feet of heated living area,” the listing begins, before casually adding: “Fallout shelter built in 1962.”

Yes, the property has a corrugated steel fallout shelter (see photos below), which was built during the Cold War to protect residents from a Soviet nuclear attack.

The agent has chosen to play down the nuclear holocaust angle, and has instead emphasised that the underground haven doubles as a “true mancave”.

Owner Chuck Gallant told that the fallout shelter offers excellent mobile reception, which means residents can keep posting Facebook updates during nuclear wars.

The fallout shelter can be accessed through a wardrobe in the house, much like the fantasy land of Narnia.




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