Agents must smash their ‘mental ceiling’, says John McGrath

John McGrath has urged agents to dream ambitious goals and ditch the excuses that prevent them from coming true.

Mr McGrath, chief executive of McGrath Estate Agents, said many agents have the ability to be far more successful but allow weak excuses and a “mental ceiling” to hold them back.

“[There is] a mental ceiling that almost everyone I've ever met in the world of business for some amazing reason puts over themselves and never moves for their entire business career,” he said.

Mr McGrath was speaking at the Better Business Summit, a mortgage broking event run by REB's sister title, The Adviser.

He said a lot of agents could massively increase their volumes if they didn't allow excuses to get in the way of prospecting.

When he asks people why they’re not prospecting, the first excuse he usually hears is that they don’t have time – which he described as “total crap”.

They will then provide “garbage” explanations for this, such as not being sure who to prospect.

Mr McGrath said the real reason agents don’t prospect is fear of rejection – and that the solution is to adopt the ‘Steven Bradbury principle’ of just having a go, even if they don’t have the most polished conversational skills.

“He was the slowest guy not only on the rink but probably in the entire competition, but he won – not because he was the best, but because he was there,” he said.

“If you don’t pick up the phone, the answer is always 'no'. If you don’t ask the question, 'no' is the only answer you’re going to get.”

Mr McGrath said all his tips are easy to implement – but that it’s easier not to do them.

“Here’s the deal: you can do everything that you really want to – basically, whatever you can conceive you can do,” he said.

“Every shift in belief or every belief that needs to be shifted or every excuse you make is nothing more than that – just an excuse.”

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