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Agents can use an emerging real estate platform to source new leads – provided they accept the “competitive tender process”.

Vendorable, which was developed by a group of Sydney entrepreneurs, is a platform that allows vendors to advertise their property and agents to then bid for the work.

Managing director Jason Weeks told REB that Vendorable simplifies the process of connecting agents with vendors, and also provides greater transparency for both parties.

Mr Weeks said that Vendorable creates sales leads for agents, allows them to broaden their geographic scope and gives them a clearer picture of the competition.

“We want to make it as convenient as possible for agents to know when and where the next potential opportunity might come from,” he said.

“We aim to do this by concentrating willing sellers in one place, bringing an end to uncertain leads. And we hope this will result in agents being able to cut overhead on other marketing tools and their marketing budgets overall.”

Vendorable makes it easy for vendors to make price comparisons, but Mr Weeks said price shopping is already a fact of life.

Mr Weeks said the platform’s “competitive tender process” can benefit agents, as vendors’ expectations are set from the start and sellers can no longer accuse agents of hoodwinking them during the negotiation process.

“Obtaining value for money extends beyond simply going for the cheapest service,” he added.

“We recognise this and that’s why we've ensured agents can provide detailed information on why they are right for the job in their bid.”

Vendorable launched in late May and is now planning to expand to Canada, the UK and the United States.

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