Employers struggling to fill sales roles

Now could be a good time for agents and property managers to ask for a raise, if new job statistics are any guide.

Job ads for those roles are receiving significantly fewer replies than job ads across all industries, according to Seek.

Sales ads attract an average of 24 applications and property management ads attract an average of 10 applications, compared with the all-industries average of 42.

“We’re seeing those with strong negotiation skills and a proven history of meeting expansion and sales targets are having better success finding a job in the property sector at the moment, as this is what job advertisers are looking for the most,” Seek said.

However, agencies are finding it easier to find admin staff – ads for those roles receive an average of 44 replies.

Valuation ads receive the least amount of interest of any real estate advertisement, with an average of seven applications, according to Seek.

That is followed by commercial sales and property management on 11, property development on 17, analysis on 21, and body corporate and facilities management on 22.

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