Repeat business helps agent smash reserve price

An agent has sold a house for $415,000 above reserve after getting four previous clients to compete against each other.

Harris Tripp sales manager Virginia Nicoll sold the four-bedroom home in the Sydney suburb of Ashfield for $4.4 million to a couple who weren't even planning to move.

Ms Nicoll told REB that the buyers, who were old clients, weren’t actually looking for a property because they were in the process of getting a DA to extend their existing home.

“The buyers were looking for something with a little bit more room [than their previous home] while staying in the area, since they have teenage children,” she said.

“I gave them a call and told them to take a look at the property. They saw it online, but I did mention to them that it was going to be coming up before anything was advertised.”

Ms Nicoll said at least three of the people at the auction were past clients who had bought their homes off her and wanted to trade up.

“The buyer, underbidder and several of the interested parties were all local people. Using my database, I brought a couple of those people to the property and let them know it was coming on the market,” she said.

“I have long-standing credibility in our area and a lot of my business is repeat business. I get a lot of business where people are selling up or scaling down.”

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