Follow the money, says Donald Trump’s agent

An agent who has worked with Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch and Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed how agents can work their way up the value chain.

Famous American agent Dolly Lenz, who is heading to Australia for the REIQ Summit, said she made the transition herself after beginning her career by selling studio apartments that nobody else wanted to list.

Ms Lenz told REB that agents can even make a quick move up the value chain if they manage to integrate into the social networks of potential high-value clients.

“I always tell agents looking to do that to follow where they go. So is that a club? Is that a charity event?” she said.

“Follow them there. Surround yourself with them, make inroads in whatever way you can and just make yourself known.

“Once you make yourself known, believe it or not, you're the one sitting next to them when they need somebody and that's who they're going to hire generally.”

Ms Lenz said that while agents don’t need any special skills to work with prestige clients, they do need to master their briefs.

“I think the most important thing at that level is credibility, and the only way you prove credibility in a short period of time when you meet someone is by knowing your facts cold,” she said.

“That means knowing every sale that happened and knowing why those sales were sold at those particular prices. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Ms Lenz will be one of the keynote speakers at the REIQ Summit, which will held on the Gold Coast on 8-9 October.

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