Leading agents to share proven listing strategies

Australia’s top four real estate agents will soon reveal the strategies they use to sell more than 100 properties per year.

James Tostevin, Alexander Phillips, Marcus Chiminello and Ric Serrao, who occupied the top four spots in this year’s Top 100 Agents ranking, will appear at this month’s Secrets of the Top 100 roadshow.

Each of those agents made more than 100 sales and recorded volumes of more than $200 million in 2014.

They will discuss how agents can win listings, deliver outstanding client service, differentiate themselves from their rivals, and use social media and video to build their brand.

The roadshow will visit Melbourne on 13 October and Sydney on 20 October. Limited tickets are remaining: click here for details.

Australia’s top four agents will be joined by eight other agents from the top 40: Glen Coutinho, Michael Clarke, Jason Boon, Adrian Bo, Piers van Hamburg, Tim Heavyside, Nick Renna and Chris Hassall.

Those agents demonstrated their elite status last year by booking an average of $128.1 million worth of business from an average of 95.9 sales.

John McGrath will also present a keynote speech that explains why the top agents are capable of significantly more output than the rest.

Click here for details.

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