Friday Funnies: Burly agent gets physical

He’s tall, he’s broad and he’s not afraid of a broken nose. This is one agent you don’t want to mess with.

Artie Kalpidis, a partner at Sydney commercial agency Link Property Services, is about to fight for the Australian super heavyweight crown at the Australian Masters Games.

Mr Kalpidis, who weighs in at 111kg, took up boxing to keep fit, never imagining that it would one day lead to a shot at a national title, he told the Daily Telegraph.

“The last time I broke my nose I said, ‘I’ll have to get that fixed, but I want to have a fight first’,” he said.

“And I just kept putting it off because I am enjoying the fighting so much. A lot of guys my age are probably leaning towards golf, but I will keep going as long as I can.”

The boxing tournament will be held in Adelaide over the weekend.

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