Onthehouse unveils ‘milestone’ tech platform

Onthehouse has today announced the launch of a new website that will allow the company to “more effectively monetise its traffic”.

The revamped Onthehouse.com.au website has been given an “improved design and user experience”, making it easier for Onthehouse to track engagement with content and agents.

Consumers will now have access to “improved estimated property values” and will be able to search for properties “from a single, unified search function”.

Onthehouse has also revealed that there will be new agent products to follow, which will be backed up by a sales and marketing campaign.

“Developed on a new technology platform, the new website provides an improved user experience and onsite analytics allowing the company to more effectively monetise its traffic,” according to the company.

“The new platform also allows new website features and products to be more quickly rolled out on Onthehouse.com.au, facilitating the future development of its business model.”

Chief operating officer Andy Antonini said the new site and technology platform represent a “huge milestone” for Onthehouse.

“They allow us to provide an improved user experience, and track and optimise user engagement. More importantly, the new technology platform will allow us to deliver rapid product improvements, new functionality and innovative tool sets,” he said.

“In addition, by enhancing the consumers’ research experience, the new site and mobile application allow our advertising partners to better engage with an audience in the early stages of their decision-making process, and allow us to build some exciting new advertising products for both agents and advertisers, including financial, utility and home improvements.”

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