Agent reaches globally and secures sale locally

One agent has proven that outdoor marketing can be just as useful as the expansive reach of the internet in generating sales.

First National Anthony Trees agent David Middleton sold a five-bedroom home in the Sydney suburb of Eastwood for $2.68 million after the local buyer drove past the property’s signboard.

 “Our philosophy with marketing real estate is to always have very broad exposure with every piece of property we put on the market,” he told REB.

“The simple fact is that you don’t know where the buyers are hiding – it could be someone around the corner or someone on the other side of the world.”

According to Mr Middleton, the property was also advertised in the local paper, through online portals and via the company’s database, which garnered the home international attention.

“We've got a database of people that have got some good connections in China, which led us to two international bidders here on auction day; people who had flown out especially for the auction,” he said.

Mr Middleton said the buyer was drawn to the home since it’s uncommon for new homes to hit the market in Eastwood.

“A lot of new properties are built here, but they’re usually built by home-occupiers who obviously want to live in them and enjoy them,” he said.

“The buyers were considering knocking down their existing home and rebuilding, but they were presented with this opportunity that was obviously far more straightforward – less stress, less hassle.”

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