Agent’s persistence pays off at auction

Regular contact has helped one agent secure a strong result over the weekend, taking the winning bidder $250,000 over his reserve.

Bay West Real Estate director Tony Cuthel sold a three-bedroom house in the Sydney suburb of North Strathfield by working closely with a local investor that was interested in the property.

“We were in contact with the winner ever since we had listed the property, so over a period of five weeks,” he told REB.

“We just kept ringing and keeping in touch in order to get him back to the property. We knew he was interested, but he didn’t want to pay more than $2 million, but at auction two parties wanted to fight for it.”

Mr Cuthel is pleased with the result, particularly since several interested parties were saying that the local market was becoming a buyers’ market.

“The buyers were basically hoping that the market wasn't as strong as it was six months ago,” he said.

“They said they were watching the papers and checking the news and thought things had changed in Sydney.”

Mr Cuthel noted that the strong result was aided by a good marketing campaign, which included local newspaper, key online portals and two Chinese newspapers including the Chinese Herald Property Weekly.

“The vendor did the right thing – they knew they had a good property, so they knew they had to invest in getting the right people there.”

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