Agent uses drone footage for auction marketing video

Despite Melbourne’s low clearance rate over the AFL Grand Final weekend, one agent has transformed a strong auction result into an innovative marketing tool.

Jellis Craig senior sales consultant and auctioneer Simon Shrimpton is one of the first agents to incorporate drone footage into an auction video.

“It just seemed strange that we’re using drones day-in and day-out for our property videos, yet we hadn't used it for an auction,” he told REB.

“The whole purpose of the video was to give a good overview of the crowd and the property, indicating where the property is located in relation to the CBD.”

According to Mr Shrimpton, the video cost about $2,000 and took approximately a week and a half to receive the final edit.

“It’s very difficult to condense it, work out what footage you want and what footage you don’t, and what message you want,” he said.

“You never want these videos to go [for] too long. I think if anything goes for longer than two minutes, you just lose the attention of those who are watching it.”

The auction video has since been posted on Mr Shrimpton’s auction profile on the Jellis Craig website and shared on agency’s Facebook page.

“I also use these videos in a pre-listing format; clients looking to sell their property, [so] prior to meeting them I’ll send them through a copy of this link and they can have a look at the video to get an idea of my auction skills as well as my personality.”

Mr Shrimpton said the video allows his agency to offer a point of difference, adding that the company will likely use more drone footage in future marketing material.

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