Preparation and presentation pays big dividends

An agent has transformed weeks of preparation and property staging into one of the weekend’s best auction results.

Shead Property residential sales consultant Tony Walker evaluated the property in the mid-to-high $3 million bracket, but fetched $5.22 million for the five-bedroom Chatswood house by pouring time and resources into its presentation.

“We spent roughly $10,000 on rented furniture and made sure that everything was very upmarket and presentable, rather than the stock-standard furniture you’d put in a one or two-bedroom unit,” he told REB.

According to Mr Walker, he took the property through a renovation process on behalf of the vendor who had vacated the property a few months earlier.

“I did everything, except the rental furniture, off my own bat,” he explained.

“I got in my own contractors and we painted, carpeted, and turned the pond into a zen-style garden area. We just made small changes that we thought would appeal to the local market.”

Mr Walker noted that the architecturally designed home was on the market for four weeks, but ensuring the property was properly presented to the market took an additional eight weeks.

“We did a fair few bits and pieces to get it up to scratch and present it as professionally as possible and we made sure we hit all the right marketing avenues.”

Mr Walker said marketing channels included ads in the Chinese Property Weekly and the Daily Chinese Herald, which had a full-page advertisement of the property.

“It also went to a few local relocation agents and buyer agents to let them know the property was coming on the market – so we hit as many people as we could.”

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