Buyers’ motivations uncovered by national research

Agents have been given valuable data to help them understand buyers and improve their marketing strategy.

A survey of 1,058 Australians revealed the obvious finding that price was the number one motivation, with 50 per cent of respondents saying that housing cost was something they consider when evaluating a suburb.

However, some of the other findings were less obvious: 'peace and quiet' ranked second on the list, with 38 per cent.

The survey also found that 24 per cent of respondents look at the crime rate when evaluating a suburb, while 22 per cent look at closeness to family and friends.

Proximity to shops and supermarkets scored 21 per cent, proximity to work scored 20 per cent and proximity to schools scored 18 per cent.

Another finding was that 14 per cent consider distance to a train station, 13 per cent consider distance to medical services and 13 per cent consider distance to the CBD.

According to the survey, 11 per cent look at whether a suburb is pet friendly, 10 per cent look at whether it’s close to the beach and 10 per cent also look at how easy it would be to access local parks and recreation.

The survey found that nine per cent consider bus routes, nine per cent consider the local vibe and eight per cent consider off-street parking.

The three categories at the bottom of the list were the quality of local restaurants and cafes (seven per cent), the quality of local bars and music venues (two per cent) and closeness to the airport (one per cent).

The survey also revealed several notable regional variations.

Tasmania was the only state in which housing cost wasn't the most important consideration – that category finished second, behind peace and quiet.

NSW respondents said proximity to work was their third-most important consideration, while this ranked only sixth or seventh in other states.

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