In-house magazine is agency's ‘best referral tool’

An in-house weekly promo mag has helped deliver one of Australia’s best auction results from last weekend.

Buxton Brighton sales consultant Leigh Hallamore sold a four-bedroom home in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton for $3.7 million with added exposure from Buxton’s weekly property magazine.

“The print publication is still an important part of our distribution method for our vendors, since it’s able to cross-pollinate buyers in all sorts of adjoining suburbs that see something appealing where they may not have thought to look,” he told REB.

“It’s our best referral tool to spread across our network of offices.”

Mr Hallamore said the magazine is produced in-house, has a print run of 8,000 per week and generally has about 200 pages, depending on the strength of the market.

It goes to a targeted audience of people who either attend inspections or visit one of Buxton’s offices, and is printed in landscape A5 so it can easily fit in handbags or briefcases.

“One-million-dollar-plus properties always feature a double-page spread and the sub-million-dollar properties feature a full page,” he said.

“It’s all funded through vendor advertising; each listing is in there for three weeks and then on the fourth week, on the Saturday for the auction, it has a smaller listing with a small photograph and the details of the auction.”

Mr Hallamore said the weekly title is a vital part of the organisation’s marketing strategy, since it’s a tangible way to display available properties while competing with online.

“You post something on the internet and hope it gets seen, but the magazine is a weekly reminder of what stock we've got for sale,” he said.

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