Friday Funnies: Monstrous house has nasty fangs

Some people have too much time on their hands – that, presumably, is the reason for one extraordinary Halloween real estate makeover.

Californian creative artist Christine McConnell has turned her parents’ home from a modest cottage into a demonic house from hell (see photos below).

The front of the house is now dominated by eight giant eyes and an enormous set of teeth.

Giant spiders, enormous cobwebs and a plethora of pumpkins add to the spectacle.

The four-day makeover was inspired by the movie Monster House, Ms McConnell told SF Gate.

"Kids wanted to take their picture with the house while I was working on it,” she said.

“Tons of people driving by were stopping to take pictures. I've decorated their house before and people have always loved it, but it never got this much of a reaction."

The reaction of Ms McConnell’s parents has not been reported.

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