Agent shows that staying in touch with vendors pays off

A Sydney agent has proved the value of staying close to old clients by selling his fourth property for the one vendor.

McGrath Estate Agents Forestville sales agent Rod Jamieson sold a three-bedroom house in Chatswood for $2.55 million after building a relationship with the vendor over a number years and properties.

“We’d worked with the vendors over quite a period of time – they knew us, we knew them, they liked the way we did things, they congratulated us wholesomely on previous results and did so again over the weekend,” he told REB.

According to Mr Jamieson, he had advised the vendors on four separate properties across Sydney’s northern beaches over the years and had produced strong results on each occasion.

“We just knew the owners for a long time and it was a good working relationship – we’d made recommendations and they were happy to take those on board,” he said.

“They expected what we would do; they weren't expecting that price, but they knew that we would do our very best and they were very pleased that we got the result that we did.”

Chatswood’s median house price is $1.85 million, according to CoreLogic RP Data.

Maintaining a close working relationship helped the vendors remain informed about the market, since they knew it was the right time to approach Mr Jamieson with idea of selling.

“I think today the buyers and sellers are much more informed. I've been in real estate for 40 years and it wasn't like this even 20 years ago; people are more informed today.”

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