Apple salutes Harcourts for its mobile tech

Apple has given Harcourts global recognition for the way in which it has used apps to become more productive.

The tech giant has used its international website to profile how Harcourts has used Apple’s iOS technology to transform its business.

"Focused on streamlining previously time-consuming tasks, the impact the apps have had on staff mobility and productivity has helped the company not only win more business, but build its brand as a leader in innovation and a great place to work,” according to Apple.

Harcourts has worked with Australian developers to produce three custom apps since 2011.

The suite of apps include eOne, which helps agents manage information about properties and contacts; eCampaign, which helps agents create customisable marketing plans; and eInspect, which has made it easier for agents to conduct property inspections and report to clients.

The group’s head of ebusiness, Gregg Toyama, said these apps have transformed the way in which agents do business.

“The apps we created give our agents instant access to the tools they require to do their job effectively in the field,” he said.

“They have access to an unprecedented level of information wherever they are, including detailed client and buyer information, real-time for-sale and sold property data, third-party industry data sources, as well as an array of local and international marketing products.”

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