Australia’s best agents share sales secrets

Agents from around the country have taken a big step to growing their business by learning the key strategies of Australia’s top-performing salespeople.

The Secrets of the Top 100 roadshow attracted more than 700 attendees when it visited Sydney and Melbourne earlier this month.

James Tostevin, who has placed first in the Top 100 Agents ranking for the past three years, revealed how he differentiates himself from his rivals.

Eleven other Top 100 agents also explained how they win listings and deliver outstanding customer service.

Leading industry trainers John McGrath and Tom Panos also gave agents high-quality scripts and strategies they could immediately implement into their business.

REB editor Nick Bendel said the Secrets of the Top 100 was an invaluable investment for the agents in attendance.

“All the agents I spoke to said they’d picked up a lot of high-quality advice that would translate into bigger volumes,” he said.

“What was great was that Australia’s best agents were willing to share the specific things they do to make so many sales – some for the first time.”

Some of these same agents and trainers, including James Tostevin and Tom Panos, have also shared some of their secrets in articles available exclusively to REB+ subscribers.

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