Property portal fills in gaps on Chinese investors

Juwai has diversified into data services as another way to capitalise on the millions of Chinese property investors who use its portal.

According to Juwai, it attracts users from 165 countries and 403 cities. The new service will allow it to offer data analysis to property developers, banks, governments and academics.

Co-chief executive Andrew Taylor said that for all the excitement about Chinese consumers, precious little data about their behaviour has been available.

“ is in a unique position to change that because of our 2.6 million monthly users from around the world,” he said.

“For them, Australia is the second most popular country to buy property. Last year, mainland Chinese buyers were approved to buy $12.4 billion in Australian real estate, and that could more than double by 2020.”

Mr Taylor said three different types of Chinese investors interact with Australia: mainland Chinese looking to buy in Australia; ethnic Chinese in Australia who are looking to buy in Australia; and ethnic Chinese in Australia who are looking to buy overseas.

“Juwai IQ provides the ability to drill down into market segments, uncover what motivates consumers, measure their spending power, and learn how and when to reach them,” he said.

Mr Taylor said members of the Chinese diaspora are significantly more likely to purchase international property for the purposes of immigration than mainland Chinese.

According to a Juwai survey of more than 30,000 consumers, 54 per cent of diaspora Chinese reported purchasing for immigration and 9 per cent for education.

Among mainland Chinese, 39 per cent reported purchasing for immigration and 23 per cent for education.

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