Phone-hungry agent grabs more repeat business

One agent has created years of repeat business by emphasising high-value phone calls over the easy option of email.

Peter Hernfield from LJ Hooker Burwood sold a three-bedroom house in the Sydney suburb of Burwood for $2.43 million last weekend after first selling the property in 2012.

Mr Hernfield told REB that this is just his latest piece of repeat business – he said he’s been working in the area for almost 20 years and has sold some properties as often as three times.

The key to winning repeat business is using the phone to communicate with previous and potential clients as opposed to emailing, according to Mr Hernfield.

“Sometimes agents rely solely on emails, but I find personal contact, canvassing and discussing things on the phone is quite important,” he said.

“You can sometimes bring people into the marketplace who may have overlooked it if you’d just sent them an email.”

With this particular property, Mr Hernfield said he found the buyer initially through an open home and then followed up with a phone call.

“A lot of people who’ve been through previous open houses I try to contact again personally, not just via email,” he said.

“The buyer also saw it on the internet and got an email from us, but I contacted them and let them know that the property was an interesting one to look at.”

Mr Hernfield said he positions himself as a consultant to all his clients by regularly communicating with them and addressing any questions they may have about buying or selling.

“I like to keep in touch with buyers who come through and like to ensure that if they have any questions, I can answer straight away and reassure them that the market is strong and the property is good.”

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