Real Estate Results Network signs up Toop&Toop

Toop&Toop Real Estate has joined Michael Sheargold’s independent network as part of the Adelaide agency’s succession plan.

Toop&Toop has signed with the Real Estate Results Network (RERN), a training and development network that also includes Marshall White, Morton, Cunningham’s, McConnell Bourn and PhilipWebb Real Estate.

Chairman Anthony Toop said the agency had joined RERN as part of a succession plan for his daughters.

Genevieve, general manager of sales and marketing, and Suzannah, head of property management, will take over the company as joint chief executives from next year.

The connection with RERN will ensure staff receive ongoing support as part of this leadership change, according to Mr Toop.

“As members of the network, the team will have the opportunity to rub shoulders in a meaningful way with the highest achievers in Australia, to learn from each other and be inspired by each other,” he said.

“We live in a relatively small city and we would rather be challenged and to challenge the rest of the nation’s best.”

Mr Sheargold, who founded RERN, said he was thrilled the network had recruited a business of Toop&Toop’s calibre.

“One of the many benefits of RERN is connecting like-minded real estate professionals who are committed to growth and developing themselves and their business for the benefit of their clients, and Toop&Toop Real Estate will be able to pick up tips from Australia’s best,” he said.

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