Friday Funnies: Big, bad and ugly

Depending on your maths, a decrepit 56-room mansion has either been priced to sell at a handsome profit or a gargantuan loss.

A Pennsylvania agency has recently listed this historic property (see photos below) at the seemingly generous price of US$579,000 ($821,000).

That would give the owners a profit of about US$100,000, given that the property was last sold in July 2014 for US$486,300.

However, the home has massively declined in value since it was built in 1917 for US$1.5 million – or US$27.9 million in today’s dollars.

One tip for the agent: the 2,230-square-metre property might be easier to move if the photos weren’t so poor – think crumbling tiles, dusty staircases and gloomy rooms.

The listing could also do with some work. “This home was constructed with a steel superstructure and poured reinforced concrete (including the roofs),” it says.

The mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and includes an observatory, an indoor pool and a pub, according to Lehigh Valley Live













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