Friday Funnies: Regulator diversifies into parenting

What do students, debauchery and NSW Fair Trading have in common? A lot, apparently.

With schoolies week officially kicking off tomorrow, the regulator has taken the opportunity to kindly ask students not to trash their holiday accommodation.

“You need to understand the circumstances under which an accommodation provider can ask you to leave, or even call the police,” Fair Trading commissioner Rod Stowe said.

“There have been instances where schoolies have been evicted from their accommodation for breaching the rules and left on the street with nowhere to go.”

There seems to be a hint of weary resignation in Mr Stowe’s plea. The television footage that runs each year of drunken, incoherent teenagers will do that to a man.

But Mr Stowe is still an optimist: He suggested schoolies take photos of their accommodation on arrival so they can ensure they keep it in the same state.

Friday Funnies predicts that social media will soon be full of photos showing rooms in anything but the same state.

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