Virtual reality ‘will soon become commonplace’

More real estate consumers will be exposed to virtual reality technology as part of a new initiative by one of Australia’s largest homebuilders.

Metricon Homes has created a virtual-reality experience for new homebuilders in regional areas who face the geographical challenges of visiting a display home.

Melbourne company Scann3D was responsible for creating the virtual-reality tours, which allow people to ‘walk’ through a home after donning a headset.

Metricon said the technology is so advanced that people will feel as though they’re standing in the actual home.

Scann3D co-founder Steven Kounnas said this is a major step in introducing virtual reality to the general public.

“As hardware and software becomes more commercially viable, virtual reality will soon become commonplace in every household,” he said.

“It’s through creative partnerships such as these that emerging technology is able to reach a wider audience in a shorter amount of time.”

Metricon’s virtual display experience will debut in the Victorian town of Wonthaggi.

Managing director Ross Palazzesi said the company hopes to offer this technology to other regional centres across the country in the future.

“Metricon strives to be at the forefront of our industry so it is important that we embrace new technologies. The virtual display experience is not only exciting, because it is a first in Australia, but it is extremely practical,” he said.

Scann3D has also worked with REA Group and Jellis Craig to create online 3D tours.

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