Friday Funnies: Best Christmas lights ever

His name is Slayer Bob and he has created the greatest Christmas lights display the world has ever seen.

Most people who decorate their home at Christmas time opt for a few simple lights or perhaps a glowing Santa Claus – but Slayer Bob isn’t your average person (well, obviously).

Slayer Bob has created a highly sophisticated lights display that is synchronised with some of his favourite metal music (see video below).

That includes Santa ‘playing’ the guitar in time with the guitar on the track, a snowman head-banging in time with the drums and … you get the idea.

In a YouTube message, Slayer Bob told his followers that he lives in southern California and will publish his address on 9 December. “Keep metal alive,” he helpfully added.

Friday Funnies is too old to believe in Santa, but it does believe in Slayer Bob. 


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