Tom Panos reveals clever listing presentation tactic

Hard-working agents can use rivals’ listing brochures as a way to stand out in the lounge room and position themselves as local experts.

Industry coach Tom Panos told REB’s Secrets of the Top 100 event that agents can differentiate themselves by visiting their rivals’ open homes, collecting brochures, making notes about the properties – and then bringing this portfolio to listing presentations.

“The next time you get a listing presentation you can sit in front of a vendor at a listing presentation and say, ‘I’d like to let you know that when your home comes on the market you will be in competition, not in isolation',” Mr Panos said.

“My job is to make sure that I know everything about every home that you’re up against. Let me show you the homes that your property is competing against.”

Mr Panos said agents should then flick through each brochure, highlight the hand-written notes and vividly describe what those properties are like.

For example, one rival listing might be poorly presented, while another house might be in excellent condition.

“You flick through and then you look the vendor in the eye and you say, ‘Can I ask you – the other agents that you’re interviewing, did they go through the properties like I have? Or did they just give you an RP Data CMA report?’” Mr Panos said.

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