Win them over with detail, says agent

Agents who opt for short, sharp listings could be missing out on the chance to educate buyers and secure top dollar.

Place Estate Agents Graceville principal Gary Eaton said it’s often a case that ‘more is not enough’ with listings – including a 666-word listing that recently helped him secure a $1.1 million sale for a property in the Brisbane suburb of Graceville.

“For those people who are interested in that property, they want to know everything about it. That’s why I write those stories – so that people who are interested get more interested,” he told REB.

Mr Eaton said packing a listing with detail helps educate buyers about the depth of quality that can be found in the property.

“For some buyers, when they walk through homes, if they don’t understand the quality, they’re not going to pay the dollars, because they don’t realise why the home is worth more money,” he said.

“It helps with the process of extracting more dollars if people know what has gone into the home – they come in knowing it’s a quality building from what they’ve read.”

Mr Eaton said photos are the most important part of the listing, because often buyers will make a decision based on the images alone.

If buyers get hooked by the photos and then decide to read the text, Mr Eaton said that more detail will often pique more interest.

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