Agent dominates street with sale after sale

An Adelaide agent has sold her fifth property in the one street this year – and has just lined up listings six and seven.

Dianne Ladhams from Ouwens Casserly has dominated the street by building her profile with homeowners and impressing them with a growing list of people who are keen to purchase in that part of Grange.

Ms Ladhams sold two properties on Charles Sturt Avenue at auction this weekend – number 50 for $685,000 and then number 64 immediately afterwards for a street record price of $1.375 million.

It came after she sold number 62 in April for what was then a record $930,000, and then sold number 61 in October for $783,000 and number 57 in November for $750,000.

Ms Ladhams said those previous campaigns, as well as ‘Just listed’ and ‘Just sold’ letters, have built her profile on Charles Sturt Avenue and made it easier to win each new listing.

“I’ve been working the Grange area and this area specifically for 10 years, so I know a lot of the residents and I know a lot of the buyers, so I guess it’s word of mouth too,” she said.

Auctioning two properties one after the other last Saturday was a happy accident – the original plan had been to hold them one week apart, but number 64 generated so much interest that it made sense to bring the auction forward by one week.

A lot of residents who attended the auction for number 50, a two-bedroom house, then wandered down the road to see the five-bedder at number 64 go under the hammer.

Ms Ladhams said her run of sales on Charles Sturt Avenue has helped her pick up two more listings – although she wouldn’t disclose the addresses as they won’t hit the market until early 2016.

“Both of the vendors of these new properties have popped in and seen me while I’ve been in the street and have said, ‘When you’re finished, can we organise a time?’ So it’s directly off the back of these properties,” she said.

“The vendors are aware [of the] many successful sales – obviously we’re taking names and numbers at every single open, and all of those buyers are going directly into our database.

“They know that those buyers are actively looking to buy in Charles Sturt Avenue, so it’s sensible [from the vendors’ perspective].”

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