Agency gets 30% more hits with new marketing idea

An agency in the highly competitive inner-Sydney market has taken its marketing to the next level with dedicated websites for each of its listings.

Ray White Surry Hills director Ercan Ersan said his agency started creating property-specific sites for each listing in November and has since generated more hits and enquiries for 15 different properties.

That includes a three-bedroom house in Watkin Street, Newtown, which he recently sold for $1.865 million after reaching a wider audience with a dedicated website.

“Each individual team within the agency has a responsibility to create it themselves and it’s mandatory now across all of our listings,” Mr Ersan told REB.

“At Watkin Street we got on average about 30 per cent more hits than a similar property that we have, which didn’t have its own website.”

The Watkin Street website included a video, photo gallery, floor plan and contracts, as well as a list of the property’s features and the times when it could be inspected.

According to Mr Ersan, the personalised websites create greater exposure for the property and the agency by reaching a broader audience across numerous marketing platforms.

“It goes across all the external websites: Ray White Surry Hills, Domain and It also goes across our YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus,” he said.

Mr Ersan said staff went through an initial teething period when the initiative was introduced, but they were excited since it was a distinctive value-add that agents could offer vendors.

“It all gets set up by an external company, which they can turn that around in a few hours,” he said.

“These websites go live pretty much when the properties go live on Domain and”

According to Mr Ersan, the agency pays for the development of each website and doesn’t pass the cost onto vendors since the agency has a volume-based deal set with the web developer.

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