Friday Funnies: Set free our signboards

Yes, some people don’t like real estate agents, but this is ridiculous.

‘For sale’ signs in the US city of Phoenix have been going missing – and it’s not several or even dozens but at least 150, according to AZ Central.

“A few weeks ago, Phoenix real estate agent Bobby Lieb drove by a north central house he's trying to sell and noticed his 'for sale' sign wasn't in the yard,” the website reported.

“The next day he noticed another one of his signs was missing. Then another. And another. Other agents began to call him asking if they could borrow signs because theirs had vanished, too.”

Mr Lieb said he discovered that at least 150 signs had been stolen after emailing other Phoenix agents – “but I guarantee many more have been taken”, he added.

Who is the thief? And why does he have such a fascination with signboards?

One obvious theory is that the thief has a vendetta against agents. But two other possibilities come to mind: the thief is either a frustrated real estate agent who will stop at nothing to live out his fantasies or a shrewd buyer who will stop at nothing to minimise his competition.

Whatever the motive, Friday Funnies offers this plea to the thief: set free our signboards.

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