Friday Funnies: Home ownership with a twist

A husband and wife who couldn’t afford a 25 per cent rent increase have found happiness by living in a converted bus.

Julie Puckett and her husband, Andrew, paid little more than US$10,000 ($13,900) to buy a 1990 school bus and convert it into a cosy home on wheels (see photos below).

“We were forced out of our downtown [Chicago] apartment by new property owners who decided that the value of the decrepit, nearly 100-year-old building was now significantly higher,” Ms Puckett explained in her blog.

“When we went to battle with the property owners, we were told that we were easily replaceable – and they were right, we were. By the end of the month, a recent transplant from New York City was touring our apartment and gushing over how cheap it was compared to back home.”

Ms Puckett said the advantage of living in a bus is that it offers freedom in both a literal and financial sense.

The nine-metre-long home boasts a full kitchen with a four-burner stove, full-sized sink and an apartment-sized fridge. It also has a toilet.

“We didn't choose this out of laziness, or to avoid hard work or responsibility,” she said.

“We chose this to improve the quality of the time we spend not at work, as well as save money – significant amounts that would otherwise be blown on rent and utilities.”






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