Agent wins seven listings from $500 investment

A Canberra agent has attracted more buyers and won more listings after creating a profile video of his local suburb.

Nick Paine from Luton Properties invested $500 to create a video about Casey that features testimonials from three local residents and portrays it as a vibrant, family-friendly suburb.

Mr Paine told REB that the video offers him a point of difference at listing presentations and had helped him win seven listings since it was uploaded to YouTube in October.

“I haven’t seen any other agent do it for their farming area, so I thought it might be a cool idea to come up with a video,” he said.

“It’s something I’ve gone and done myself, so they [vendors] don’t have to pay for it. They think it’s a great idea.”

Mr Paine used the video to promote a four-bedroom Casey home that sold at auction last Saturday for $825,000.

The video helped generate greater interest in the property and achieve a better result, according to Mr Paine, and was also viewed by the buyers.

“We had people come down from Sydney who had never been to Casey and never known about it, but they’re moving there to be closer to their families. They mentioned that the video was such a cool thing for them to have being out of the area,” he said.

“We had people register from Sydney that had never known the area and probably never would’ve looked there unless they had that video.”

Two of the three people who provided testimonials in the video were former clients of Mr Paine. The third was an old friend – who, coincidentally, was also last Saturday’s vendor.

Mr Paine was able to get a special rate on the video because it was produced by his sister.

However, he said it would have been a good investment even at full price because it is something he is able to use for all his Casey listings.

The median house price in Casey is $565,000, according to CoreLogic RP Data.

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