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The impact of a positive mindset in the business of real estate

15 August 2019 James Short
Positive mindset in the business of real estate

Let’s be real: running a business or an office is stressful. Here’s a quick rundown of some insights on keeping your mind and your mindset working in your favour.

Running a business is a stressful endeavour. While it does have its rewards, it poses a different set of challenges that can spill into your personal life.

This presents a tricky situation: you have to ensure that your personal and business life do not interfere with each other too much that it can cause unwanted results or situations.


Some people can accomplish this fine balance like they were born to do it, while others are not so lucky and will have to compromise. Either way, the stress factor is always going to be present, and depending on the individual, it can bring down one’s confidence and will to keep moving forward.

Knowing how to use your stress

In any stressful situation, as a leader, your priority should be keeping morale high. A moment of weakness is all it takes for stress to completely take over.

Most would immediately assess the situation and start brainstorming ideas or come up with a plan to fix the current predicament. This is a common reaction. The question is what kind of plan or ideas can you come up with while under stress? Are you confident about that plan? Is that the best idea?

The answer might be yes, but when it comes to coming up with a plan, it is always better to be confident and to have a clear mind before making big decisions. Your best bet, in a stressful situation, may be to hold off and focus on morale.

The power of positivity in relationships

Having a positive mindset and outward attitude makes your relationship with the people around you a whole lot better. This is one of the common characteristics of great leaders, particularly ones who are leading people through stressful periods.

People tend to follow positive individuals and are inspired by them. You are their role model and will try to have the same positive mindset. The more positive-thinking people you have in your company, the better it can handle big challenges.

Is it all too much?

One thing that is often ignored in leadership advice is how your mental and physical health helps you be a better leader in your business.

You have to watch out for your health if you want to be able to efficiently lead your company.

Negative thoughts and emotions can affect your physical health, and if basic strategies aren’t helping you conquer, it might be time for some outside help. Keep those things in check above all else; nothing is more important.

James Short, real estate business coach and consultant

The impact of a positive mindset in the business of real estate
Positive Mindset in Business reb
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