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Are you on the real estate roller coaster?

17 November 2015 Loretta Morgan

Continually I hear of principals, sales agents and property managers feeling that they are almost at breaking point. Hell, I've been there at one point or another and you would be lying if you said you hadn't.

The roller coaster of real estate – how do we get off without getting thrown out?

It’s your livelihood, it’s your career. You have passion. It’s what you love deep down, but it wants to take control of you. It’s making you miserable, taking you to breaking point.

Remember – real estate doesn’t define you and it doesn’t control you. You are in control of it!


Do you find yourself, far too often, battling with unwanted clients and customers that treat you poorly?

Do you find you’re getting yourself in and out of situations you created, crumbling to the mercy of the big world of real estate?

Do you have other agents cutting your grass, acting poorly and with disrespect?  

Are you sick of it yet?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

I hear you asking:

Why is this happening?

Why are clients and customers treating us poorly?

Why are other agents treating each other poorly?

I’ve spent many hours pondering the same questions.

This is the conclusion I have come up with!

  • Poor communication
  • Fear
  • Lack of understanding
  • Over promising
  • Under delivering
  • Limited knowledge
  • Poor education
  • Desperation
  • Feeling like they’re trapped

Here are a couple of tips I’ve found that work to help with this.

We all need to learn the art of educating properly in all areas – Starting with our team, our clients and our customers.  Set clear boundaries and expectations, explain everything, learn the way of real estate.

Let’s learn to say ‘NO’ gracefully – How often have we said yes and been unable to deliver on a promise? Or, on the flip side, said yes when really we mean absolutely no?

How often have you gotten caught up in the moment, the thrill of the chase, the desperation of winning the business, that you give in to your core values and say yes, yes, yes? Sheesh, you see people do it all the time at the start of a relationship, and this often ends badly too.

Stop saying yes when you know deep down you can’t deliver or you know there are going to be issues.  It will come back and bite you – you’ll then say to yourself ‘I knew this would happen’ – trust your instincts!

Sure, there are some circumstances that are out of your control – they are not yours to bear.  If you have acted with kindness, grace, integrity, did your absolute best and there was still a problem then it’s more than likely about them.

Are you on the real estate roller coaster?
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Loretta Morgan has over 17 years' experience in the property industry, ranging from managing residential real estate to major commercial and industrial portfolios for private and institutional investors.

Loretta was a finalist in the 2011 REIQ Awards for Excellence - Commercial Property Manager of the Year category and also a finalist in the 2013 REIQ Awards for Excellence - Residential Property Manager of the Year. This year, Loretta was a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network - Young Business Woman of the Year, regional finalist in the Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards and finalist in the Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Loretta is also a member of the REIQ, Young Industry Professionals Advisory Panel.

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