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Think you don’t need property styling? 5 reasons you’re wrong

September 06, 2017 Lauren and Geoff Lewis 0 comments

Heart equals home

The ultimate goal for every vendor is to maximise the value of their property and sell for the best price. As the saying goes, you only need one buyer to make a sale. However, to exceed price expectations, it’s imperative to have numerous interested parties fall in love with your home and develop an emotional attachment. When buyers enter a styled property for the first time, there is an intangible awareness that this is a shared feeling by all the other potential buyers at the viewing.

This enthusiastic ambiance is almost contagious, resulting in a sense of urgency to secure the property. By engaging a stylist with expert knowledge and experience in real estate, there is a greater focus on presenting a lifestyle. Therefore, the buyer is not just purchasing a house — lifestyle and home go hand in hand.

Exceeding the sale price

Property styling is a guaranteed way to ensure that you have presented your home to its full value. It also offers peace of mind that can’t be judged in dollars alone. Results show that the average sale price of properties we style fetch in excess of 30 times the cost of their styling investment. Discussions with vendors following their sale have shown surprise and delight that the sale price reflected the maximum potential of their property.


Upon viewing a property, many buyers are unable to visualise its full worth. The purpose of a stylist is to curate a bespoke look that will create this visualisation through a design approach that complements the home. Vendors who are inexperienced in interior design could easily overlook the importance of spatial planning, an enticing colour palette and the affect of quality and statement pieces in attracting potential buyers.

Empty nest

Vendors unfamiliar with the success of property styling often comment, “Our place can sell itself", and insist on leaving it empty. This is a major misconception, for a property without furniture will always look smaller than a styled one, even if the space has a superior level of design or architecture. Styling can provide the perspective that buyers need to eradicate the guess work. For example, potential buyers shouldn’t have to guess what size of bed will fit.


There are many benefits to working with an experienced property stylist. A major asset is their understanding of the real estate market and the targeted demographic. Designer furniture selection is an integral part of the process. While you might love your oversized comfy brown couch, a more suitable choice would be a slimline design in a soft neutral colour tone that will allow potential buyers to view the space to better advantage. Accessories and furnishings add a sense of texture and detail that complement the character of the property.

Attractive features of a small property, or a house with a complicated layout, can be enhanced by clever styling techniques and presented to their best advantage.

Equally, a dynamic style team will know how to detract from the less desirable aspects of a house, such as an outdated kitchen or lack of natural light. An extra bedroom can add $100k to the price of a property or even clinch the sale. Expert stylists also know how to easily transform a junk room into an extra bedroom.

Think you don’t need property styling? 5 reasons you’re wrong
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