BRADEN WALTERS: Just shut up!

BRADEN WALTERS: Just shut up!

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Braden Walters

Just shut up!

Blogger: Braden Walters, sales director and principal, True Property

Working in the real estate industry we get to meet people from all walks of life: buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and tradesmen.

What I have noticed is that everyone has their different opinions on everything. "The market is bad", "the market is good", "people aren't buying because of the weather" etc but after hearing every excuse over the years the only thing you need to be influenced by are things within your control. 

If you as an agent voice your opinion and it's not the same opinion as the person you are conversing with it may cost you a sale or a listing. As one of my mentors said to me early on when I was doing work experience as a 16 year old kid I asked, “What should I say?” He straight out replied, "Just shut up".

This has stood with me since and now 15 years later I still tell the younger agents that I work along with the same thing.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as an agent is talking too much. Some agents I have spoken to say that once or twice they have talked themselves out of a deal. Simple fix is "just shut up".

We certainly need to talk to sell ourselves, our business and our strategies but with two ears and one mouth you should ask more questions before giving out your opinion. For example, if you are a sales agent in a listing presentation should you not ask what their thoughts are on auction vs private treaty before telling them that they should auction?

They may have hated auctions previously and that could be the determining factor on selecting their agent. Bam! You have then lost them.

When showing a buyer or tenant through a property, I tend to not follow them around like a pest so that I don’t over describe the property and potentially talk them out of the sale. If you stay back and wait to be asked a question you will give them exactly what they need, not what they don’t want to hear.

Everyone has their own process when dealing with clients and potential clients, I am not saying that what I do will work for everyone, I have just found that this process of remembering to keep quiet when you don’t need to speak will increase the chances of you getting the business or building a better relationship.

Braden Walters represents the new breed of young guns taking the real estate industry by storm. With unlimited energy, enthusiasm and a fresh approach to his profession, he is committed to going the extra mile in every situation. Braden is currently the chairman of the Inner West Division, Committee Member of the Young Agents Chapter and a Committee Member for the Residential Sales Chapter for the Real Estate Institute of NSW.

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