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The killer email technique to identify five-star buyers

The killer email technique to identify five-star buyers

by Wes Ward 0 comments

Just imagine you could segment inbound buyer leads into hottest prospects via email in minutes. Better still, train your team to do it consistently and well.

Finding the five-star buyers in three moves is a killer email technique.

By creating a three-email conversation path you can quickly guide and qualify your new prospect and determine if he or she is ready to buy within the next 90 days.

What is a conversation path?

A ‘conversation path’ is a ‘guided conversation’ via email designed to sort leads into the most relevant buyer segment or bucket in just three questions.
Like a legal QC questioning a witness, you stay one or two moves ahead with pre-prepared ‘sorting’ questions, taking your prospect down your line of enquiry.

Nine words is all it takes

In my previous article, I showed you how to unearth five-star buyers inside your database in nine words.

The psychology of each email is always short, personal and expectant of a reply. Nine-word email replies forces your sorting questions to be short, personal and expectant of a reply.

The intention of your line of questioning is to:

a) sort people into the most appropriate segments or buckets

b) help identify their specific needs so they can be easily matched to the properties you have for sale

c) ask them to do only one thing each time – reply or click a link

On email, you must only ask prospects to do one thing – reply or click a link. Don’t confuse things by asking multiple questions. Keep it simple! One question, one action.

Ultimately, a conversation path is designed to help you identify five-star buyers very quickly.

Dealing with high-volume response

This approach is ideal for agencies struggling with high volumes of inbound enquiry. It is simple, effective and easily transferred to team members.
From the get go, your goal is to sort your prospects through your conversation path into the most relevant buckets or categories.

I have broken residential buyer buckets down into the following categories to illustrate:

a) Live-in: family, retiree, holiday home

b) Investor: fix and flip or buy and hold

Example: conversation path

Inbound prospect: I’m interested in buying in town/suburb

Email Reply #1

Agent: Is it to live in or invest? (7 words)

Prospect: To live in.

Email Reply #2

Agent: Great, is it for your family or to retire in? (10 words)

Prospect: It’s for my family.

Email Reply #3

Agent: Do you have any specific needs for your family? (9 words)

Prospect: We need A, B and C

You see that the psychology of the conversation path is short, personal and expectant of a reply. It works because this is how people communicate every day.

During the process of replying with ‘sorting’ questions, potential five-star buyers will exhibit certain characteristics:

1. They are willing to engage in a dialogue with you

2. They are friendly and cooperative

3. They know what they want and will share it with you

4. They will buy in the next 90 days

5. They would like you to help them

If they display these characteristics, you have a five-star buyer on your hands.

How you can do it in three steps

List: Outline the core buyer categories you serve

Design your line of enquiry: Order them hierarchically from broad down to specific categories

Conversation path: Write nine-word email questions for each step of your line of enquiry

Alternatively, script templates, mindmaps and video training on how to achieve this faster are available at www.10MinuteClients.com  

The killer email technique to identify five-star buyers
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Wes is a marketing innovator, digital mentor and adviser for top real estate professionals who are time-poor, but want to build their client base by reaching and influencing more prospects in less time.

Through online radio, he repositions his clients as market leaders and trusted advisers.

Using marketing automation, he harnesses the star power positioning of online radio to efficiently transform cold leads into hot prospects.

Wes is the creator of the www.10MinuteClients.com training program – How to identify 5 star buyers inside your database in less than 10 minutes – which helps turn dead leads into new sales.

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