Delivering quality video content to your clients

Delivering quality video content to your clients

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It’s not enough just to record a video testimonial – you also have to understand how it should be edited and shared.

In my previous blogs, I’ve explained how to acquire video testimonials from clients and also how to record them. Now I’ll take you through the editing and uploading and sharing process. Once you have finished recording your video testimonial you will need to get it out of your camera or smartphone and tidy it up a bit. In most cases, your videos will need some editing to remove the bits off the ends and snip out the occasional mistake or stumble in the body of the video recording. A bit of extra time in post-production will pay off as it will make your videos more professional, easier to watch and sometimes quite a bit shorter and more engaging.


Editing can be a very time-consuming activity, particularly if your talent required several takes to get it right. You can outsource your video editing process if you wish, but this may be too expensive given how labour-intensive the process is. One solution is to find a teenager or university student that already has a passion for video editing as they will usually be more cost-effective.

For several reasons, we have been looking after our own editing for the last couple years and have found Final Cut Pro (for Mac users) to be user-friendly software for editing quickly and easily. It is also reasonably priced compared to many other options.

Having a separate audio file to your video can cause issues in your post-production editing, but we have found Final Cut Pro to be excellent at synchronizing audio so it is in sync with your talent’s lip movements.

Where to upload your videos

The first place to put your videos is on your YouTube channel. This is like owning your own TV station, except it’s free and only takes a few minutes to create. Make sure you set your channel up with a vanity URL – for example, our vanity URL address is Once you have edited and uploaded your video to your YouTube channel, you need to write an effective title and description to help more people find your video.

After you have published your video on YouTube, you can then copy the code and embed it in your own website. You can see an example of our embedded video testimonials at

The advantage of embedding your videos in your own website is that you can point people to your own website and they are more likely to stay on your website for some time after viewing it. On the other hand, if you were to simply refer your prospects to your YouTube channel they may get distracted and wander off to discover one of your competitor’s videos.


Once your video has been uploaded to YouTube, you can then share it on many of your social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

To get more views and shares, you can send out your videos to your database via your electronic newsletter.

You will need to capture an image of the video and embed that into your newsletter and set it up to click through to your actual video. It is also a good idea to have a ‘click here to watch video’ hot link in your newsletter because some email servers block images and your readers will have a way to click on your video.

You can also send out an email to new prospective clients containing a sample of one or two video testimonials to help them get more comfortable with you and your service offering.

Remember to have your clients sign a release form to allow you to publish their video online. If you would like a copy of the template we use at Latte Property or would like to discuss this topic further, click here to speak to Darryl.

Darryl Simms specialises in helping individuals invest in property for less than a latte a day, reduce their tax and create enjoyable lifestyles.

As the founder of Latte Property, Darryl willingly shares his extensive knowledge built up over the last 25 years to help clients create wealth through property investment.

Latte Property has a large following of successful property investors who have enjoyed professional guidance in the purchase of quality new apartments, new townhouses and new homes.

Darryl is also the author of 50 Must Know Property Investing Tips and is currently writing his next property investment publication.

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