7 simple steps to grow your reputation and reach

7 simple steps to grow your reputation and reach

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Billy Dounis

The definition of a brand is a name, term or design that distinguishes one seller's offering from another.

Real estate is unusual in that, as professional agents, we have the opportunity to build and grow our own unique brand and image.

How do we maximise this opportunity and ensure our marketplace knows exactly what it is that differentiates us from our competitors – and even our company?

Well, it’s all about perception! Here are my seven simple steps to growing your personal brand and extending your reputation and reach:

1 Stand out!

If everyone is zigging, you must be zagging. Take a closer look at your personal marketing and compare this to what your competitors are doing. Are you different? If not, you must ask yourself the question: how am I going to stand out?

2 Invest in a personal website

The first thing a potential vendor is likely to do is Google you, so why not make it easy for them to find you? We spend thousands of dollars each year on flashy marketing cards, letterbox droppers, calendars and various other bit and pieces – yet from as little as $300 per year you can have your own website.

3 Write something (and publish it)

If you’re currently sending out a newsletter, publish it online. Write articles of interest that your marketplace will connect with. Provide market commentary on your local area, because there are likely to be very few people who know the local market better than you do. Create a content calendar and commit to it.

4 Combine print and digital marketing

We live in a digital age. If you’re still sending out expensive, glossy DL flyers in the thousands that do little more than display six sold properties you sold four months ago – it’s time for a wake-up call. Your sold information is available online within 24 hours. Design your DLs with a hook to drive traffic to your personal website where the consumer can self-register their data for an eBook or something of value. For example, this could be 101 tips for selling your home for maximum profit. These will become your hottest leads.

5 Use Facebook

Last quarter, Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, so it’s a pretty good bet that your next vendor is already using Facebook. Create a Facebook page and share the articles of interest you have written with your Facebook community. It’s a great funnel and yet another arrow in the quiver. Check out Facebook’s powerful advertising tools if you want to extend your reach even further.

6 Value-add

From every point of contact you have with a potential buyer, seller or member of the community, you’re being interviewed and judged on your appearance, professionalism, knowledge and energy. People will remember not so much what you say but how you make them feel. Referrals will come by adding value to every conversation and over-servicing every single buyer and vendor, amplified over a period of time. Go beyond what is acceptable; be remarkable. If you’re doing something, people are going to talk about you, so make sure it’s for the right reasons.

7 List more property

I can hear you thinking to yourself – this one is a no-brainer! Yes, but the more property you list, the more market share you take from your competitors and therefore the more listings you attract. With every property you list on the major portals (highlight or premier listings when possible), your personal brand is going to benefit from the exposure. More = more!


Billy understands the daily activities it takes to be successful in this industry, and focuses on marketing, personal branding and well-executed training. He helps agents map out their success by identifying their true goals, and he delivers this with one-on-one coaching and keeping his team accountable.

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