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Authenticity is the key to your agency’s reputation

02 September 2015 | 11 minute read
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Building a reputation and voice for your agency involves a lot of marketing and publicity to get your name out there. As part of this strategy, you’re likely to naturally keep an eye on your competitors and see what they are doing to promote themselves.

While it can be tempting to take ideas from them and use what they’re doing as inspiration for your own marketing, this strategy isn't authentic and simply won’t work in the long run. Instead of standing out from the crowd with your own voice, you'll blend in and become unnoticed because you’re doing exactly what everyone else is doing.

Let’s take a look at why it’s important to run your own race and remain authentic.

Authenticity builds trust

Being authentic in your business is a fast route to building trust. If your clients trust you and believe you are being genuine, they’re more likely to have faith in you to sell their property. The buying and selling of a property is a highly emotional and stressful process for most people, so there’s no better way to win more business than by instilling trust into potential clients.

Authenticity gains respect

When you have the integrity and confidence to stay true to your values as an agent, you’ll win the respect of those around you. Take blog content and newsletters as an example. When you publish content that represents your own ideas, thoughts and advice, you’re showing your audience what an expert you are. Rehashing other people’s ideas shows that you’re good at copying and pasting – and that’s about it.

Authenticity allows consistency

Think about the parts of your agency that run smoothly and consistently: like your approach to customer service, your processes and your staff. If your agency is built on authenticity, then these components are more likely to be fully aligned with your authentic brand. If you change your approach regularly, your customers won’t know what’s going on. Rather than reassure them that your agency is the one they should be doing business with, they’ll be left wondering if they've made the right decision.

It's important to maintain consistency in your online marketing too, and being authentic will allow this to happen naturally. Your website, blog content, brochures, flyers and even contracts all need to have the same tone of voice, personality and message so that your customers know exactly who you are.

Authenticity leads to referrals

Referrals are probably the single most important aspect of business growth for your agency. By being authentic in your promises, you’re more likely to deliver on them, and consequently please those you deal with. A happy client is one who talks about you and refers other to you. There’s no better fuel for word-of-mouth referrals than an authentic brand.

The rise of social media and online reviews means there is even more scope for bringing in business here. Authenticity allows you to deliver a superior service that ultimately delights your customers so much that you’re the first real estate agency that springs to mind when their neighbour asks around for a good agent.

Being authentic certainly does a lot for your agency’s reputation. Staying true to yourself, your beliefs and your hopes for your business (and not getting swept up in what everyone else is doing) is the best way to make sure you have a happy and profitable agency.

Authenticity is the key to your agency’s reputation
justinsteer 250x250 jun2017
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