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Revealed: Top 50 Women in Real Estate

By Staff Reporter
04 August 2016 | 10 minute read
top 50 women

Australia’s leading female agents have been uncovered by a new report which will set the benchmark for success for real estate professionals across the country.

The inaugural REB Top 50 Women in Real Estate listing, partnered by Christina Guidotti, highlights and celebrates the industry’s ground-breaking females by ranking them across a number of metrics including average days on market, number of listings, conversion rate and sales volume for the 2015 calendar year.

The number one position in this year’s ranking went to Helen Yan of Ray White (formerly hockingstuart) in Balwyn who, with six years of experience, achieved 102 property listings in 2015, 92 sales, $195,333,988 in volumes and 16 days (on average) on market.

The Top 50 Women had 3,705 listings throughout the 2015 calendar year and 3,450 sales between them. The sales volumes accumulated by the group totalled $4,478,929,366 and they have a collective 714 years in the industry.

The women who made the ranking shift properties within 29.37 days and have 74.1 listings per year, resulting in an average of 69 sales.

The ranking, which received wide-spread support from industry leaders, agents and agencies aims to reverse the status quo where women’s achievements are overlooked or underrepresented, according to REB managing editor Vivienne Kelly.

“Predictably, in doing an event like this, we received equal parts enthusiasm and push back,” Ms Kelly said at the Top 50 in Women Real Estate countdown event this morning. “Those of you in the room, hopefully, fall into the ‘enthusiasm’ category and represent those who support celebrating success and, perhaps, even slightly subverting the status quo where women’s achievements are somewhat less likely to be highlighted and celebrated.

“Today though, we can almost put the struggle for equality to one side and just focus on the outstanding achievements of the real estate agents who made it into this ranking. They are incredibly successful in their own right – now because of their gender, or indeed in spite of their gender – but they are just hugely successful and market-leading real estate agents because they work hard.”

In coming weeks, Real Estate Business will profile some of this year’s strongest performers and delve into what sets them apart, how they operate and what makes them successful.

The full Top 50 Women in Real Estate Ranking can be found here.


Revealed: Top 50 Women in Real Estate
top 50 women
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