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PM emotional balance easier said than done

By Elyse Perrau
23 October 2014 | 1 minute read

Switching off emotions whilst on the job may seem easy in theory, but property management is an “energy-intense” industry and it is not always so simple to get the balance right, says a prominent PM trainer.

Leading Property Managers of Australia director Darren Hunter said property management requires you to put “100 per cent of your heart” into every day.

“Whereas it is easy for us as an industry to say' don’t get emotionally involved', this job is very energy-intense,” he told Residential Property Manager.


“It requires all your faculties, it is not just an average job where you sell pies at the bakery; it is a job that is very intense, uses up a lot of your brain energy and it uses a number of different talents and skills regularly throughout the day.

“So sometimes it is hard to not put your emotions into it because you are giving the whole 100 per cent for the job,” he added.

Mr Hunter said there definitely needs to be a balance.

“There was a good quote I saw on my Facebook page the other the day that someone made, and that was ‘At the end of the day, clients and tenants don’t think about you after hours, so why should you think about them’,” he said.

However, Urban Property Agents director of property management Ranita Patel said the biggest thing she has learnt is to take the emotions out of it.

“It is a business transaction, you have to take the emotion out of it – you stick to the facts,” she told Residential Property Manager.

“As a property manager you have gone to the property, you have completed an exit condition report, you have come back and ascertained there has been a bit of damage to the property.

“You go back to the tenant and email them a copy of the exit condition report with the photos… then the tenant comes back and sends you this horrific email.

“The problem I find a lot of property managers face is they take things too personally.

“You have got to take the emotions out of it  you have got to dissect that email and actually stick to the facts,” she added.

Ms Patel said she does not even entertain any attacks of any sort.

“I never address them in my emails – I just ignore it and pretend it is not even there," she said.

“I have to ignore it because if I don’t ignore it, it eats me up.

“As a person, I then go home and can’t get to sleep because I have become too involved in it and taken it personally.

“From their end it is not a personal attack, they are just annoyed, they just think you are being unfair and siding with the landlord – which is not the case.

“Both parties need to understand you are there to do your job, which is to facilitate the process,” she added. 

How do you balance your emotion on the job? What techniques or methods do you use to stop pressures and confrontations getting too much? 

PM emotional balance easier said than done
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