What just happened?! Tales from the PM funny files

What just happened?! Tales from the PM funny files

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Last week, RPM asked property managers to share their funniest or most peculiar encounters with tenants or landlords. You won't believe what they had to say...

Too much information

Commenting on the RPM Facebook page, Hermione Gardiner said she came across an unwanted surprise while meeting with a potential landlord.

Quote marks

At a meeting with a prospective landlord at his office, he was showing me photos on his phone of his investment property, which is currently being renovated, scrolls one photo too far and reveals a naked selfie. Very, very awkward.quote marks

Sticks and stones may break my bones...

Belinda Dinsey shared the unpleasant albeit funny experience of a colleague. 

Quote marks

A work colleague being told to 'go suck a fat one' by a tenant is by far the highlight of my career in property management. Little did that tenant know we laughed about that comment for weeks and months after, and we all know laughter is the best medicine. I haven't thanked the tenant yet.quote marks

Wardrobe mishaps wreaking havoc

Amanda Griffin tells of an embarrassing encounter with an excitable dog. 

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I was appraising a rental property with a new owner and their dog got really friendly, jumped up and got his paw caught on my skirt and, whoops! Next thing you know, I'm standing there in my undies and my skirt is on the floor around my ankles. Luckily, the owner was turned the other way at the time and swears they didn't see anything. Got the new management – thanks to the dog, I reckon.quote marks

Meanwhile, Timothy Mutton suffered a split in his suit pants after sliding out of his Landcruiser. 

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[I] arrived at a new client’s property to do the photography for the advertising. The vendor was waiting out the front on the balcony at the time. I go to slide out of my Landcruiser ... and tear the crutch out the backside of my suit pants. I have never walked backwards in front of a client so much in my life! Lucky she was female – I could say, 'Ladies first' when we walked through a doorway.quote marks

Lauren Wilden-Ross became a little too open at an open. 

Quote marks

[I was] showing potential tenants through a prestige property and they seemed to like the home, but something seemed a little off. After exchanging contact details, providing applications and seeing off the tenants, I look down and to my shock-horror, I had popped both the top buttons on my dress. I now carry safety pins with me at all times, just in case!quote marks

Hidden horrors after vacate

Connex Realty got quite the shock upon discovering a past tenant’s personal, ahem, toys. 

Quote marks

When conducting vacate of a large, elderly gentleman tenant, I was shocked to find some sex toys left behind. Luckily, the tenant was not present, but everyone in the office had a good giggle.quote marks

More naked truths

Aimee Werne commented that at a routine inspection, she walked in on a showering tenant. 

Quote marks

A few months later, he ran into me at the local festival and asked if I remembered him. When I said I didn't, he couldn't help but point out that if he had no clothes on I would...quote marks

Stepfanie Regan revealed that she has conducted many routine inspections where she has walked in on naked tenants.

To see the conversation, check out the Facebook post below.


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