Demanding landlords expect too much

Demanding landlords expect too much

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Last week, Residential Property Manager asked PMs to share the most demanding request they had received from a landlord. The nerve of some people…

Settling scores

Commenting on the RPM Facebook page, Leanne Brownrigg said a revengeful landlord took matters into their own hands.

Quote marks

I had a landlord call a locksmith and change the locks on the tenants while they were at work because they were two days in arrears, then show up at our office with the new keys and demand that I do not give them a copy!quote marks

Mistaken profession

Felice Cotroneo shared an experience from when he first started in the real estate industry.

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I had a landlord demand we change leaking washers in his block of apartments. [He] gave me my own spanner and washers.quote marks

John Gilmovich was asked this major favour by a landlord.

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[They asked] to sleep over at my place for one night. Too thrifty to get a hotel room.quote marks

Cockroach infestation

Clasina Shipsey said she had taken over a management that had been painted and cleaned by the landlord’s daughter.

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When doing an ingoing inspection, the agent had a cockroach fall out of the light fitting onto her head. We advised the owner that there appeared to be an issue with vermin and asked her to have it sprayed. She refused. The tenants moved in and were cooking bacon and eggs the next day and cockroaches fell into their breakfast from inside the range hood. Photos were taken and she was in denial. You can only do your best and if an owner won't spend a penny on making a home pleasant to live in, sadly they should not be landlords.quote marks

Time wasters

Jessica Conboy shared a very fishy demand.

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I had a landlord who made me attend the property and watch him scoop his fish out of a very large fishpond. He was unable to get them all on the first three-hour visit so we had to return for a second visit...quote marks

Elizabeth Henley said a landlord expected her to collect keys from him at 9pm, an hour away from where she worked/lived.

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They were our office set - he had forgotten to return them.quote marks

Overseas knows no boundaries

Leanne Straube said she had an overseas landlord who was very demanding.

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He was visiting just prior to Christmas and we had arranged to meet at the rental property. He emailed me a couple of days before to ask if our office provided a pick-up service as he expected to be staying about 30 mins away from our office and wanted me to pick him, his two children and all their luggage up and then take them to the property - a 45-minute trip, all before 9am on a Saturday.quote marks

To see the conversation, check out the Facebook post below.

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